ICM Week 1 Homework

How does computation apply to my interests?

Well, there is a lot of programming and software in my line of work in the audio industry for live sound. Many programs exist in order to do a variety of things such as monitoring devices in real time, programming devices, and routing one thing to another. None of these programs would exist to make my job more doable without the use of computation.

Screen Drawing

Link to code

While creating the sketch above, I found it difficult to calculate the different points for the various shapes in order to place them in the right vicinity. Also, it took me a minute to figure out why when I used a color, everything else would use it too, until I saw that I have to recall ‘noFill’ in between sections. Is this the only way to achieve making objects different colors? I found the web editor pretty easy to use, and the p5 reference guide was very helpful.

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