HAH – Week 5

I played around with different combinations of gated oscillators, changing the variable resistors as well as the capacitors.

First, I tried to make the first and second oscillators sum into one feed, and the third and fourth sum into another feed, with the two separate feeds being the input to the speaker. It worked, but not how I thought it would be two separate inputs into one. So instead I just made a cascaded four gate oscillator; 1 –> 2 –> 3 –> 4.

I recorded the audio file below to demonstrate the lower frequencies better, as my small JBL speaker didn’t produce the sound accurately.

The 1M pot mounted directly on the breadboard sounds a bit spotty, and I believe it’s due to a bad pot, I still need to swap it out and test it.

Below is another audio file from a similar circuit.

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