Visual Language Week 1

Design Analysis

I chose to analyze the poster for the film Coming Home in the Dark (2021). The poster itself, while being pretty simple in design, I think really captures and sets the mood for the film.

Hierarchy of Elements

The first thing I notice is the lone figure at the center, immediately followed by the headlights of the vehicle lurking in the background. 

Then my attention zooms out and takes in the overall darkness of the image in contrast to the tan colored border. It reminds me of a polaroid. 

My eyes travel toward the top where the first word of the title is, and moves down through each word. Because of the text placement of “HOME”, it feels as though the words are moving toward you.

Continuing down the poster, a small detail that catches my eye is the way the lower part of the image slightly spills over the border.

The Grid

Breaking the poster down into sections, there are three distinct elements. First being the light tan border that frames the main picture, followed by the four lines that make up each line of text, and lastly the diagonal line that the angle of the gun follows through the center of the poster. 

Like I mentioned previously, one part of the grid that also plays into the composition is the placement of the word “HOME”, as it sits behind the main figure and rests as if on top of his shoulders.

Another element that plays with the grid system here, refers back to my earlier point of the lower part of the image that breaches the grid so that part of the landscape spills out onto the frame. 


The font being used according to WhatTheFont is Gill Sans Medium.

On the slide I’ve used Gill Sans which looks identical to what’s actually being used in the poster.

The poster uses just this one typeface in semi-bold and italicized versions. Quite a bit amount of kerning is also used which makes the title stand out while not crowding the space.


The color palette here is very muted, and overall dark with an underlying brown tone.

I think the use of this particular palette really captures the darkness of the film itself and of course plays with the title–

Coming Home in the Dark.

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