Visual Language Week 3 HW

Three Expressive Words

Personal Monogram

I honestly found this part of the assignment a little bit challenging. One of the main reason being that my high school’s initials are also BG (Bishop Gorman), I was struggling to pull myself away from that and all I could think about was that logo.

Bishop Gorman High School logo

I managed to come up with a handful of example monograms, and tried my best to stay away from making it look too similar to that of my high school.

I find it a little tricky playing with a the letter ‘B’ and ‘G’ and I’m so used to seeing the way I write my initials – which is almost identical to the bottom middle – I think I just like the looseness of it compared to the others which seems a bit stiff to me.

I chose two of the above monograms to put onto mock up business cards.

From last week’s class on typography, I kept the Dunbar Low Light Italic font for the text that is not the monogram.

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