ICM Week 11 Sound Sketch

P5 Sound Composition

I just wanted to create some kind of ambient sound, and I thought of the Lo-fi playlists on Spotify that I like to listen to. Often times the tracks on these playlists incorporate something outside of instrumentation, like rain noise or other sound effects. I love it when the sound of rain is in music and so I used that as a starting point.


The sounds I used were a combination of audio files I found in different project folders on my hard drive — I have a large sound effects library but unfortunately did not have the external drive where I store them with me when I was writing this sketch. I also found a couple things from a free sound/instrument library online.

I had a total of five sounds that I used for this composition — the rain, two pads, a bass sound which I actually used a sound effect of a pillow hit, and a random bell trill.

I didn’t do much in ways of visuals, and just opted to include a gif of rain.

I manipulated different elements of the sounds like adding reverb or delay, changing the start time, the rate to change pitch of the pads, as well as amplitude of some sounds.

I had some issues with the loop playing but then stopping so that only the rain sound is left, and the rest of the sounds would come in again several seconds later. And sometimes the page would also crash.

After presenting in class, Luisa pointed out that I should put the reverb processing in the setup rather than in the draw loop — makes sense!

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