Code of Music – Week 1

A/V Instrument with P5

So originally I wanted to do something inspired by an old project I did in undergrad. During my undergraduate program, we had a class and one week we took a trip to a recording studio and recorded a sing that we ended up titling “What’s In the Kitchen” (I think that was the title), and basically each of us recorded a different part of this song — bass, piano, guitar, vocals, etc.

Going off of that, I wanted to record some samples from different things in my kitchen — sink running water, microwave door closing, hitting a wine glass, etc. I was going to program the keyPressed function to play each given sound along with triggering a gif I had drawn on my iPad correlating to each sample from my kitchen.

(I’ll post my sample here and also the gifs I mad)

However, I was having a difficult time with loading my gifs and triggering them.

I started from scratch and made a different project.

I took some samples from a sample pack of the Roland Juno-106. On my P5 sketch, I had five individual waveforms for each of the five sounds, and on each track, I had a different shape/element being manipulated by the progress of each sound file.

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