Code of Music – Timbre


I want to do something text based for this sketch, so my first idea was to have an input box where you can type a sentence or paste a paragraph and have that output sound. I’m unsure how I want the strings/characters to be broken down and what will trigger what kind of sound.

  • Number of characters could represent attack/decay/sustain/release time
  • Certain characters can be different harmonics

Another idea is to use keyPressed and display each of the characters pressed on the screen whether it’s pressed once momentarily or held down. The duration a key is pressed or how many times and also what the key is will determine duration of ADSR and harmonics. Like the idea above, I’m not exactly sure how or what will determine a parameter change.

So this was tough.

My brain just does not think in for loops :’) But I was determined to get something working using text. This took me a while to get to the point that it is at.

Originally I wanted an input where a user can input text and click the submit button. But I was having a bunch of issues with separating the different functions, and making arrays, etc.

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