Code of Music – Harmony


Idea 1 – I’d like to do another kind of text analysis, maybe going further using RiTa.

I like the visualization from this site ‘Listen to Wikipedia

With the text analysis, I’d have different aspects control shapes to make the visualization dynamic with lots of changes and movement, like how the circles fade in and out in the wikipedia page.

Idea 2 – Each shape would represent a different note in a set scale, so when they collide at random it can create chords and a random melody. Example user controlled parameters – the mousewheel can generate a more or less dense canvas, and mouseclick can change the note of the drone.

Maybe incorporate Arduino gyroscope/accelerometer to control elements of the interface.

Idea 2 – Another idea is to create a version of the game Snake, where each ‘food’ piece is a different note in a scale and as the snake collects different ones it will build a chord, and as it progresses replace notes with the next as it eats them.

Sketch –

Fullscreen –

Please enjoy this video with a terrible voiceover recorded with my phone–

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