Code of Music – Final Project

I’m thinking of two ideas, one would be to expand the text analysis sketch I made for timbre, and build off of that and incorporate melody/harmony and use Markov chain(s). Or continue working on the harmony assignment and build out from there for a final project. As of now, I’m thinking of implementing a Markov chain for all the ball collisions instead of random intervals, and working on making the code of the bouncing balls work more smoothly.

At the moment, I have been working on incorporating a Markov chain into both the bouncing ball and text analysis code. I’ve been able to add a Markov chain into the bouncing ball sketch, and have just been finding a work around the error I keep getting when more than one collision occurs at the same time. I have yet to get a Markov chain working in the text analysis code.

From here, I need to continue fixing the bouncing ball sketch and I’d also like to add in a user controlled aspect to it, thought at the moment I’m not exactly sure what.

Here I still have the issue of start times occurring simultaneously.

In the next video, I tried using the setTimeout() function to call the playNext function after a random amount of time in milliseconds.

It seems to have mostly solved the problem.

One issue I still continue to have is with some of the ball collisions getting stuck which is what’s causing multiple calls of a sound and making the distorted noise.

In the new code, there is also a single circle that acts as a drone and can be changed by moving the Arduino. I’ve access the gyroscope and mapped those values to move the circle and controle the drone frequencies.

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