Week 2 – Traceroute

I’m a bit late on posting this but got caught up at work and am now working on the Traceroute project-

I started with tracing some of the websites I visit often:


A some sites would fail and continue on with ‘***’

biancagan.com (my website)

I was able to get an export of my Google history, and extract the URLs from the JSON file using this line in Terminal:

grep -o ‘http[s]*:[^”]*’ ~/Downloads/Takeout/Chrome/BrowserHisotyr.json

Once I was able to extract the URLs, I imported all of them into a Google Sheet, extracted the unique sites, and counted how many times those occurred in the JSON file.

Here is the link to the Google Sheet.

I looked up some of the common host IPs my traceroutes would go through:

Then I mapped some of my traceroutes using the Traceroute Mapper. The most interesting one would probably be tracing the site saftehnika.com — and by interesting I mean going outside of the US — considering it is a Latvian company.

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