Week 6 – Wood Lathe

This week’s skill builder was to turn on the wood lathe. Personally I have been really looking forward to finally learning how to use this tool. I’ve put my plans to make a bowl on hold for now and will make a handle for this week.

I have a couple of blanks that I purchased from Woodcraft last semester that I’ll use on the lathe, the first one is a piece of cherry. I drew out roughly how I want the handle to look and took a picture for reference later since all that marking will go away.

I think cherry cut really nicely once I got past all the chunky parts rounding out the squareness.

It’s kind of close to how I originally drew it, but as I was chiseling away at it I just went with the flow.

I waxed it a bit, chopped off the ends, and sanded down the ends as well, I’ll have to re-wax a bit.

I’m thinking I’ll turn it into a pizza cutter if I can find the right attachment.

This is bad … I enjoyed this a lot … how does one put a lathe into a studio apartment???

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