Thesis Part I, #2 – Research

The initial areas I’m starting to research are data visualization, interactive sound and visual installations, drawing machines, and sensing people and objects in space.

The connection that I want to keep between data / visual / sound is still something that I am focused on and would like to maintain, while incorporating physical computation.

I am very interested in translating data into some kind of physical output, i.e. a drawing machine with physical components.

Here is the spreadsheet that I am using to keep track of resources.

Experts at NYU

R. Luke DuBois (IDM)
I’ve had the opportunity to take a course taught by Luke last semester at IDM – Sound Studio. He has a background in composition, interactive sound and visuals performance, software engineering, and lots of other things. Here is a link to a TEDTalk he did in 2016 called “Insightful Human Portraits Made From Data

Kathleen McDermott (IDM)
Areas: Electronics, design, performance, video, installation, fabrication

Pedro Galvao Cesar de Oliveira (ITP)
Last semester I took Electronics for Inventors with Pedro and enjoyed the class. He does work combining the digital and physical realm and this is something I’d like to incorporate into my thesis and future projects.

Juan Pablo Bello (Steinhardt Music & Technology / Tandon)
Areas: Music technology, computer science and engineering

Projects / Resources

Diffusion Choir by Biomed Realty

Playing the Building by David Byrne

Peter Vogel (documentary)

The Cave of Sounds

Mechanical Masterpieces by Neil Mendoza

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