Thesis Part I, #3 – Research (cont’d)

Vision” and “The Art of Tinkering” – and marking sections that I want to revisit. I’ve also watched the Peter Vogel documentary called “The Sound of Shadows” as well as flipped through Pedro’s copy of “Retrospective” that documents some of Vogel’s work. Personally, I really enjoy the visual aspect / aesthetic of exposed circuitry and Vogel makes it look quite beautiful.

I have also met with a couple of people to discuss the direction of my thesis as well as get some advice and resources they recommend.

Yeseul Song
She was my PComp professor last year and has already given me multiple resources to visit. Yeseul herself is a great resource and I will continue to bug her with all my questions (thanks Yeseul).

Alan Winslow
Yeseul mentioned to me that Alan and Sam were interested or working with XY plotters during their time at ITP. I talked with Alan recently to see how they were building a plotter and to get some advice and ask a couple of questions (thanks Alan).

Sam Heckle
I also briefly chatted with Sam to ask them if I could pick their brain at some point when it comes to the coding of a drawing machine, I plan to meet with them hopefully sometime next week (thanks Sam).

I am still pursing the direction of a drawing machine. The current plan is to design it as a vertical XY plotter, similar to that of Harvey Moon’s, although in my research I have come across a lot of interesting designs for a drawing machine.

Harvey Moon

I have purchased a few parts — stepper motors, pulley wheel, timing belt — I think once I can get my hands on some parts and start the beginning stages of prototyping I can get a better sense of the direction to go in as well as areas I need to focus on and research more.

For initial prototyping, the plan is to do a P5 sketch that translates the mouse X, Y position to Arduino to start figuring out and calculating the math for the two motors to work in tandem.

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