Week 9 – Arduino Client

I tried to run the simple client code on my Arduino to communicate with my website http://www.biancasbread.com, and at first it would respond with a ‘301 moved permanently’ message, and I thought it was because I was trying to request through http and not https … ?

So next, I tried to adjust the code from ‘WiFiClient’ to ‘WiFiSSLClient’ but with that it would just keep ‘making the request’ and nothing would return.

Setting Up An Environmental Sensor

I set up a simple TMP36GT9Z temperature sensor with my Arduino Nano, although I keep getting very weird readings that would change drastically, and would be incorrect readings … as I’m sure the ITP floor is not 129F.

I got a different sensor — sound sensor — that I’m going to try next week once I get back from my work trip.

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