Week 11 – Packet Analysis

I ran Wireshark on my computer for 30s with everything closed besides Wireshark, and this was the result:

Some question(s) after doing this and looking at the different packets:

  • What is WireGuard Protocol?
  • What is bogon?

I did some traceroutes using ipifno.io and found some interesting things considering I had no software or webpages open.

After looking at the packets, I also saw these interesting lines.

Update: when a new device comes into the network.

I also did a tcpdump using host to/from my website’s public IP.

I got some crazy results in a short amount of time.

Instead, I did a tcpdump listening with the portrange 80-443.

And I can see the communications between my computer and my site as I visited it. (At least that’s what I think it is.)

I used coveryourtracks.eff.org to test my browser, and found that I am not protected from tracking on the web.

And this was the result after installing uBlock Origin.

Then I tested my sites biancasbread.com as well as this biancagan.com using Project Blacklight, and found the same results for both.

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