Thesis Part I, #4 – Visualizing

I am trying to decide the orientation / design of the drawing machine. I have been mostly planning and leaning heavily toward a vertical XY plotter that is mounted / against a wall. But I’m also playing around with different ideas of having a plotter that is on a tabletop — allowing for movement around the piece.

Main design ideas are:
> Vertical XY plotter : two motors and a pulley system carrying the drawing tool carriage
> Tabletop plotter : a suspended drawing tool carriage
> A mechanism that ‘crawls’ / moves across the canvas/paper

Something else I am starting to think about is the carriage for the drawing tool, I do know that I would like to make it adaptable so I can use different drawing tools (pens, pencils, markers, paintbrush, etc.).

One of the main things I am still contemplating is what kind of live incoming data is going to drive the machine. Will it be from an API — like every time ______ the drawing machine does _____ ? Or will the data be from sensors in the environment — tracking people’s movement, loudness, proximity, etc? Or will the viewer interact with physical objects that affect the drawing? Who knows. (Not me, at least not right now).

Here are some rough sketches.

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