Final Live Stream – Control ADM

For my final live stream, I decided to do an interactive stream through Instagram, where viewers can submit movements to control ADM the Abstract Drawing Machine. I pinned a comment that said — “Type a direction + a number (ex. 3R, 2U) — and I would manually press the arrow keys on my computer to move it.

Originally, I wanted to use OBS + YellowDuck to stream to Instagram Live, but I was unable to get it to work. So instead, I streamed directly onto my Instagram live from my phone, but also did a shorter bonus stream from OB onto Twitch with a webcam showing a different angle of the drawing machine.

I streamed for a little under an hour, mainly because I wanted to stream long enough for some form of drawing to take place.

Here is the link to my presentation slides.

Here is the setup — I did it at one of the desks on the floor.

Here is the link to the recorded livestream. I had both the recorded stream from Instagram, as well as a screen recording that lasted most of the stream. However, the video saved from Instagram had the audio, but didn’t capture any of the chat, but the screen recording did. So what I did was I brought the two videos into DaVinci Resolve and spliced the two together as best I could, keeping the audio from one and the video from the other.

And here is the finished drawing.

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