UndNet – Final Thoughts & Questions


Some of my takeaways from this class, is being more comfortable with Terminal (since the most I’ve ever done is ping an IP address), and how to actually and effectively use it, as well as setting up, configuring, and using my own server.

I have found it very helpful and useful to be able to finally host my own websites off of my server rather than using WordPress or Wix or something like that.

I’ve made an additional website hosted on my droplet for my thesis as well —
http://www.who-is-adm.com. — and I think it’s really neat that I was able to do that after this class.

I’ve worked around networking in the past, doing communications and audio for live events. So the most I’ve done is set up static IP addresses in different devices that go through the same (usually unmanaged) switch(es) and communicate to my computer, and I’ve terminated many a Cat5 cable over the years. So to learn more about what’s beneath the surface and about the structure of networking and the various protocols, I feel like I’ll have a better understanding of the why something works.

Excited for Connected Devices!!


How does one obtain a bogon?

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