WK 2 – Modeling

The first two modeling assignments were pretty easy to go through, with the third being the most challenging. It’s trickier without any measurements, so I imported the reference image as a canvas to sketch on top of it and use the different angles pictured in the diagram to get rough measurements.

Side note, I wish the design history playback also captured the sketching process.

HW 01

I started off by drawing the top view sketch, then pushed and pulled the surfaces accordingly to match the dimensions. There were a couple dimensions I made estimations on.

HW 02

For this shape, I sketched the front view then pushed and pulled from that.

HW 03

For the third mockup, I started off by sketching on top of the top view from the diagram. I found the mirror-ing tool to be the most helpful in trying to achieve the most accurate dimensions. Once I was satisfied with the initial sketch, I flipped it 90º and lined it up with the front view from the given diagram, to try and extrude to the proper height of the lego. Once I finished pushing and pulling various faces, I flipped it back 90º.

Another exercise

I modeled a piece from a project last semester (also my thesis prototype) — the pen carriage V2 for my drawing machine. I had previously done a 2D sketch in VectorWorks, but wanted to do some 3D practice in Fusion.

It is made up of 3 separate pieces, the middle insert being a sort of cartridge that can be swapped out as it is held with magnets.

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