WK 3 – Device Data Dashboard (cont’d)

I’ve started collecting the data from the onboard gyroscope/accelerometer on the Arduino Nano, so I’ve been trying to parse the three individual values.

First I was trying to do it using fetch, but eventually after running in circles around that for the past couple of days, I decided to abandon it and went the MQTT route.

I was able to get Tom’s basic MQTT.js example working. Took long enough.

I moved onto adding it to the webpage www.biancasbread.com/gyro

And boy did I struggle

I thought I did everything right from the previous time I did it for /conndev-sensor

I could not figure out what was going on for the life of me, turns out I think I just needed to do a good ol < sudo nginx -t > as well as < sudo systemctl restart nginx >

I next added a few LED’s to my Arduino to help visually indicate connection statuses.

Green = Wifi connection

Yellow = MQTT connection

Blinking Blue = messages sent to MQTT

Then I went wireless!

The next thing I need to do is translate all of this gyroscope data into some kind of
clock-esque thing — which comes my brilliant idea of the Questionable Thesis Clock.

I’d like the physical mechanisms to be two positions, kind of like an hourglass — on or off — or in this case — Thesis? and Thesis!

Although instead of a countdown timer, I want it to visually-abstractly keep track of the amount of time I am working on my thesis versus not working on it.

I tried to make a separate site called http://www.thesis-ohgod.com to house my Questionable Clock, but I was having some issues with getting the routing correct with my files in my cloned github repo into the server.

As of right now, it just populates an index.html file with nothing else.

So instead, I made a route from my already functioning thesis website to the Questionable Clock
–> www.who-is-adm.com/clock

Here is a link to my Github repo

I would like to eventually update it so that some of the lines fade away over time.

Also, I changed it to draw circles.

Not much thesis working getting done here …

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