WK 4 – More Modeling + Sweep

For this exercise I worked off the reference photos for the Ikea watering can —

VATTENKRASSE Watering can, ivory/gold, 30 oz

VATTENKRASSE Watering can, ivory/gold, 30 oz

I initially started by drawing circles to extrude upwards, but then changed my mind and drew a cross section of half of the watering can then revolved it to make it hollow inside.

Then I added another sketch to the top surface of the can to create that half circle looking hole at the top.

Next I drew a path for the watering spout and created a plane on the very right of the path, up against the can. From there I drew three circles on that newly created plane, two for the hollow spout and a outer third for the little bumped ring at the base of the spout.

I selected the face and used sweep along the created path.

In order to get the flat cross section at the top of the path, I created a line and used the split body function — later I realized I could’ve used the sweep action with a guide rail.

Next I drew another path for the handle, and similarly create a plane along that path, and circles to sweep across that path to create the handle.

After all of the major bodies were finished, I used fillet on most of the edges to give it a smoother look, and added some material to make it look similar to the actual can.

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