Week 11 – Final Project

For the final project I’m planning to make a simple weather display with a small LCD display from Adafruit.

I always check the weather in the morning, so it’d be nice to have this simple display that constantly shows me the day’s forecast.

Currently, I am trying to get the API with openweathermap.org, however, at the moment I am having issues with the HTTP GET call in my Arduino code.

I had office hours with Tom this morning, he was helping figure out why the get call wasn’t working — we started looking into url encoding, to see if the route was written correctly.

By Tom’s suggestion, I tried calling an HTTP GET just to the api.openweathermap site rather than the entire string that includes parameters and api key. Unfortunately, I was still getting the same status code -2 error.

Previously, I was also thinking of creating a changing visualization of RF spectrum in a present location. I have a program that displays a spectrum from a place that has been scanned with an analyzer, which isn’t the most pleasant visualization but it is straight forward. So I’d like to create something visually that is more pleasing to the eye to display the RF spectrum, simply as an art / light display.

But I’d need to find an API that can give me the info I need.

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