Week 12 – Final Project (cont’d)

Had some unofficial office hours with Tom after class, trying to troubleshoot why the code was not working — we tried several things in adjusting the code — only to find out it’s the Arduino board! Specifically my Arduino UNO WiFi that wasn’t cooperating. I switched to a Nano, and magically it worked!

Anyways, now that that was figured out, I can start working on dissecting the HTTP requests, as well as working with the LED screens I purchased from Adafruit.

For the device, I’m planning to use a container from the Container Store, and designing an acrylic plate for the device screen / lights / buttons. It will be pretty simple in design, and I’d like to have a few buttons that can be used to select the location to pull data from.

The screen itself will simply display the location, and points of the day’s forecast. I’d like to also use a ring light I have to display the time in a way of representing the sunrise and sunset, as the ring light glows more and more as the day goes on.

Here is the formatted JSON I am parsing–

  "coord": {
    "lon": -74.006,
    "lat": 40.7143
  "weather": [
      "id": 802,
      "main": "Clouds",
      "description": "scattered clouds",
      "icon": "03n"
  "base": "stations",
  "main": {
    "temp": 284.43,
    "feels_like": 282.89,
    "temp_min": 280.29,
    "temp_max": 286.34,
    "pressure": 1022,
    "humidity": 49
  "visibility": 10000,
  "wind": {
    "speed": 2.06,
    "deg": 120
  "clouds": {
    "all": 40
  "dt": 1682472507,
  "sys": {
    "type": 2,
    "id": 2039034,
    "country": "US",
    "sunrise": 1682416970,
    "sunset": 1682466293
  "timezone": -14400,
  "id": 5128581,
  "name": "New York",
  "cod": 200

I followed a guide for using OpenWeatherMap and the Arduino_JSON library to parse through the JSON response.

Next, I need to figure out the sunrise/sunset API as well if I am going to include the light aspect. Then I need to work on messing with the display and ring light, and cut out the acrylic plate for my enclosure.

I’m hoping to get a box similar to the one below, that has a lip around the edge to fit the acrylic plate–

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