Week 13 – Weather Display

Update, I have moved to a different weather API, I am now using Weather API instead of OpenWeatherMap, because I liked the format of the JSON response as well as the info it provides.

Here is the link to my Arduino code.

I’ve also got the LCD screen to work following this guide from Adafruit.

To make my life a little easier, instead of using the sunset/sunrise API as well, I am using the same weather API to also pull the hour, every GET request, which will update the neopixel ring to reflect the hour of the day — in military time at the moment.

I am now seeing spots, this thing is bright.

Hear it was 9pm so 18.

I’ve also changed the brightness so I am not blinded.

Did some quick sketches for the panel which consists of the top which has a cutout for the LCD screen and the screws to mount it, as well as an inner panel that has a cutout for the neopixel ring and the board. The top panel will be a translucent white to diffuse the light a bit and the inner bottom panel is black to frame where the light ring will be.

The wooden box I picked up from the container store isn’t a perfect square so I had to go in with some sand paper and a dremel to get the acrylic panels to fit.

Next I worked on moving everything to a protoboard.

I used header pins to mount both the LCD screen as well as the Arduino, I used screw terminals for the RGB leads of the LCD screen (right now it’s set to blue), and another screw terminal for the neopixel ring.

Drew up a very wonky looking schematic before I dove into soldering everything, the neopixel ring is missing from the drawing.

This protoboard isn’t my best work, there’s a little too much going on, and I had to work around the shallow depth of the box as well as the short distance from the board to the panel. It’s a bit of organized chaos.

Testing the LCD screen…

Not working???

I had a panel mount micro usb adapter, however, I didn’t measure correctly the placement of the cutout on the box versus where the usb of the Arduino would be located — so eventually I’ll have to redo the box and maybe get a right angle adapter, so for now I just made the hole I already cut out large enough to fit the cable and connector through.

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