Thesis Part I, #7 – Feedback

Feedback from the final presentation–

Suraj: I loved “this” slide showing why you want to do this with your interests the last time you showed it. I think it is very powerful in helping the audience understand what your intention is. Very clear todos.

Olivia: The working prototype is a really solid step! Glad that what you learnt from seeing machine help your thesis.  ˗ˋˏ ♡ ˎˊ˗

Amber: I love that you’re giving the presentation as if you’re telling a story! It’s so cool that you combine the content from multiple classes. 


Dhemerae: Great to see how much progress you’ve made so far, it looks fantastic so far. I’d like to see what the overall goal of what user input would be – or what kind of imagery you want to create. Really looking forward to it.

Lauren: I enjoyed seeing your progress images. Your project is very straight forward. I would want to be able to see it installed somewhere. 

Yilan: I like your research references. Might be great if you could consider some edge cases like accessibility for people with special drawing needs. 

The name “Adam” reminds me of the “Creation of Adam” painting. Not sure if there’s any links between these two, but it would be fun to see any source of inspirations embodied in your drawing ceremony.

Kyungah: Your prototype looks so amazing. I just remembered that there is an artist use liquid paint(?) instead of pen or pencil. If you have a plan to do larger scale, i think you can experiment with the paint someday.

David made a comment about the experiment I did with user interaction over a live stream (from the class Streaming Against the Current) — This is actually something I’d definitely like to try again, and I am interested to have an interactive website that streams the drawing machine and where people can type inputs to control it straight from the browser.

Feedback on the final paper–

From Sharleen:
” Bianca, congratulations on all the progress you’ve made! You have come so far with this project since the beginning of the semester. Using your Seeing Machines class as an opportunity to prototype ADM was the right thing to do. 

Having this prototype puts you in the perfect position to really play with ADM and to explore and iterate on its’ features and functions, be it color or sound or whatever else you want to explore. 

The paper is well executed. Your thinking, logic and process is coherent and your documentation is thorough. 

I look forward to seeing your project continue to evolve next semester. “

” This could be your statement thesis statement, it’s so good. ”
(In reference to the sentence “Essentially, I’d like people’s curiosity to become the drawing.“)

” What is CNC style? Please explain (briefly) for those of us who have not accumulated all the knowledge you have. ‘-) ”
(In reference to a mention of “CNC style” drawing machines, I need to elaborate a bit on technical terms)

” Both are interesting ideas. “
(In reference to the sentence “Consider implementing a soundscape. Will it analyze the drawing made, or translate the incoming data?)

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