Thesis Part II, #1 – Feedback

Some of the major takeaways from the prototype demo were mainly about the interaction part of the piece — reaffirming the need to make it self explanatory in a way and easily discoverable, without the need to explain how-to in depth, and just allowing the audience to discover for themselves.

Since the last thesis class, I have worked on playing around with different algorithms and equations for the output, and I’ve also designed the frame and am in the process of designing the new pen carriage.

I’ve had office hours with Phil to discuss using 8020 for the frame as well as other resources and options for buying material. I’ve made a list of all the parts I want to order from openbuilds, and will probably run them by Phil before I order everything to see if there’s something I don’t really need or that I am missing.

Here are some quick sketches through the design process of both frame and pen carriage–

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