I grew up drawing and painting. My mom still has a binder of my first really sad little drawings from when I was 4-5 years old. I did a lot of art throughout high school, barely any during my undergrad, got back into it during the height of Covid, and presently do art very sporadically. But here’s some stuff I’ve done over the years.

[ I’m slowly putting this page together ]

Recent Stuff

I haven’t done much art in the past year or so, just some random doodles and the very rare one off random watercolor. (I’ll put pictures of random doodles from sketchbooks if I ever remember to take the pictures)


Medi-o-cre Still Life’s of Things On My Desk

I’ve had tough times being more loose and free with my work and usually tend to focus on too much detail so this was a fun series of going straight down with pen and being quick and loose. These sketches are done with a Micron 02 or LePen Technical Drawing Pen, Copic Sketch N4 (and sometimes N6), and an Ecoline Brush Pen in indigo in a Moleskine Sketchbook, 5″x8″. Except for that one-off colored one at the end.

These first two are the most recent additions to this mini series and also my recent doodles.

jar-o-brushes pt. i
jar-o-things pt. i
jar-o-things pt. ii
jar-o-brushes pt. ii

Self Portrait 2020

The last self portrait I did was in 2013? It was in my AP art class senior year, and we had a Star Wars theme, so I drew myself as Yoda. So seven years later, I figured I’d do a new one.

Prismacolor Premier colored pencils on canson paper, 14″x17″

The Joker

First time playing with pan pastel, 14″x17″

Drawlloween 2020

In 2020, I decided to participate in Drawlloween for the first time. This was really fun, but unfortunately I only made it about halfway through the month until I got distracted by work. It’s 2022 now, and I’m thinking of giving it another go this October.

Day 1: Seasoning of the witch
Day 2: Creature from the black legume
Day 3: I’ll try the zombie juice
Day 4: Hair scare routine
Day 5: Mad scientist needed in aisle two
Day 6: Sasquatch watch
Day 7: Signing the trick or treaty
Day 8: High noon at candy coral
Day 9: Area 52
Day 10: The haunting of lunar base IV
Day 11: Ghouls just wanna have fun
Day 12: Igor’s really in to fitness lately

Early Watercolor Studies

I had a distaste for watercolor up until about 2020 when I decided to give it another go during the height of the pandemic. Most of them were referenced from pictures I took from my Japan trip. There’s nothing special about these pieces as they are pretty simple.

Here’s some of the first watercolor drawings I did.