WK 1

I already had Fusion 360 on my computer as I tried to learn it last semester and was planning to play around with it over break (didn’t get a chance), however my Macbook is way back on OS Mojave, so I wasn’t able to get the latest download, so hopefully it should work out. Also,…… Continue reading WK 1

Final Live Stream – Control ADM

For my final live stream, I decided to do an interactive stream through Instagram, where viewers can submit movements to control ADM the Abstract Drawing Machine. I pinned a comment that said — “Type a direction + a number (ex. 3R, 2U) — and I would manually press the arrow keys on my computer to…… Continue reading Final Live Stream – Control ADM

Understanding Networks Definitions

PEM PEM stands for Privacy Enhanced mail, and was originally intended for use to secure email communication through the internet, but has since become a standard for internet security. It is used as a file type in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)*, as a file format that stores cryptographic keys, such as SSL certificated along with…… Continue reading Understanding Networks Definitions