Binary Clock Google Chrome Extension

Had some office hours with someone with questions regarding their project for the class Time. Inspired me to make a clock.

Started playing with my handy-dandy new Arduino UNO Rev4 WiFi, and utilizing the LED matrix. Didn’t finish that. Went on to maybe using regular ol LEDs. Didn’t get very far, didn’t want to have to power 16 individual LEDs.

Then– I remembered an old Google Chrome extension that had a nice looking clock on it that I used to have for the new tab window, that has since been removed from the app store, sad. So I decided to make my own Google Chrome extension that displayed a clock in binary.

Can be a bit confusing the read at first, also some people don’t know binary, or are too lazy to count (like myself). So I made an informational ‘i’ icon at the top right which you can hover over and it’ll give you a little cheat sheet.

Here’s the link to the github with all the files.