ITP2233 Intro to Computational Media

ICM Week 12/13 – Final

Final Project For my final sketch, I want to create a Christmas advent calendar, where there are 25 doors, and behind each door is an album cover with a new song everyday. I started off by making a few squares so that I can test a mousePressed function that when clicked in the square the… Continue reading ICM Week 12/13 – Final

ICM Week 11 Sound Sketch

P5 Sound Composition I just wanted to create some kind of ambient sound, and I thought of the Lo-fi playlists on Spotify that I like to listen to. Often times the tracks on these playlists incorporate something outside of instrumentation, like rain noise or other sound effects. I love it when the sound of rain… Continue reading ICM Week 11 Sound Sketch

ICM Week 9 HW

P5 Mirror Going off of the two toned mirror exercise we had in last week’s worksheet, Spencer had a great idea to make a mirror that used emojis instead of setting colors like black and white. Approaching idea, we started to figure out how we’d be able to use emojis. Would it be an image?… Continue reading ICM Week 9 HW

ICM Week 2 Homework

Link to the sketch It includes one element controlled by the mouse, one element that changes over time (independent of the mouse), and one element that is different every time you run the sketch.

ICM Week 1 Homework

How does computation apply to my interests? Well, there is a lot of programming and software in my line of work in the audio industry for live sound. Many programs exist in order to do a variety of things such as monitoring devices in real time, programming devices, and routing one thing to another. None… Continue reading ICM Week 1 Homework