ITP2637 Intro to Fabrication

Intro to Fab. – Week 6

Working with Motors So initially I played around with the idea of revisiting a couple projects from pcomp — a musical box that opened after the whole jeopardy theme song played (which had a motor held by a janky cardboard mount and an even more janky cardboard hinge) or my final pcomp project which was… Continue reading Intro to Fab. – Week 6

Intro to Fab. – Week 5

Materials & Fasteners Took me a minute to come up with an idea for this assignment and I think I’ve finally settled on one. I knew I wanted to use wood plus something else — most likely cork or sheet metal, and I briefly played with the idea of industrial piping. I’m pretty sure I… Continue reading Intro to Fab. – Week 5

Intro to Fab. – Week 4

Enclosure Had a few ideas to start out with but I think I’ve narrowed it down. I plan to build a simplified version of my midterm project from a Hacking Audio Hardware class last semester. I had this huge plastic enclosure I bought off of Amazon because I needed enough surface area for two faders,… Continue reading Intro to Fab. – Week 4

Intro to Fab. – Week 3

Laser Cutter This week’s assignment is to make something using the laser cutter. I have not used the laser cutter before. For some weird reason I found this assignment more tricky to approach compared to others. Not sure why. I think I’ve just been so used to doing all fabrication completely by hand / analog… Continue reading Intro to Fab. – Week 3

Intro to Fab. – Week 2

Repeatability For this assignment we need to make five of something — my first idea was to make an eyeglasses holder. I’ve seen some on the internet in the past, but wanted to make something that had a more simple design and a smaller package. Here are some examples of other ones: I personally wouldn’t… Continue reading Intro to Fab. – Week 2

Intro to Fab. – Week 1

Homemade Flashlight This week’s assignment is to build a flashlight — something portable and that lights up. I had a couple ideas to start, the first was to repurpose a small juice jar and have the transparent bottom of it be where the light is shone, and to use the twist cap as an on/off… Continue reading Intro to Fab. – Week 1