ITP2301 Intro to Physical Computation

PComp Project 3

Idea Sketch & Inspiration I wanted to do something with a physical output for this project, and I really liked the video Yeseul showed us in class of the automat toolkit by Dada Machines. So my original idea was to do a physical drum machine, using a similar drum head from the video, maybe a… Continue reading PComp Project 3

P Comp Week 10 Labs

Lab 1: Using a Transistor to Control High Current Loads with an Arduino To start, we had an issue getting the DC motor to work, we believed it may have been a bad wire. We troubleshooted and made sure all the connections were correct, then ultimately decided to change the motor for another, and that… Continue reading P Comp Week 10 Labs

P Comp Week 8 Labs

Synchronous Serial Lab – OLED Screen Display Using I2C Displaying Time and Sensor Value I had a small issue getting the code to read the libraries. I had added a new tab making files titled “Adafruit_SSD1306.h” and “Adafruit_GFX” then pasting the code from Github, but I couldn’t get it to work. Then I found that… Continue reading P Comp Week 8 Labs

P Comp Project 2

Project Idea In one of my other classes, Hacking Audio Hardware, our midterm project is to create a device that produces noise using gates and oscillators. On this device, I plan to have four separate variable resistors. My plan for an application is to combine these projects and create a visual representation of the different… Continue reading P Comp Project 2

P Comp Week 7 Lab

Two-Way (Duplex) Serial Communication Using Arduino and P5 Sending Multiple Serial Data Using Punctuation Receiving Multiple Serial Data in P5 Flow Control: Call and Response (Handshaking) Build Your Own Application My goal is to build direction controls like on a video game controller. At first, I started off with the base code from the two-way… Continue reading P Comp Week 7 Lab

P Comp Week 6 Labs

Intro to Asynchronous Serial Communications A Serial Output Sketch A had a bit of an issue starting this lab where my Arduino would not power on. It wasn’t the USB cable, and it would power on if I unplugged the Arduino from my breadboard, so it had to be something connected on the board. I… Continue reading P Comp Week 6 Labs

P Comp Project 1

Flushing out some ideas– Idea 1 The first idea I had was to make a pressure sensitive microphone tin/holder. When I work on shows, we have aluminum bread tins that hold wireless microphones. My thought was to add force sensitive resistors to the base of it below some type of layer that when something is… Continue reading P Comp Project 1

P Comp Week 3 Labs

To start this lab, I did not have a working speaker, so I rigged this tool I have from work that can take an input and produce it over a small built in speaker. I soldered a 1/4″ jack to a ground and hot wire to put into my breadboard to replace the “+” and… Continue reading P Comp Week 3 Labs


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