Week 7 – More Server Fun w/ Nginx

Next, I followed DigitalOcean’s guide “How To Secure Nginx with Let’s Encrypt”. The first issue I ran into was when I was trying to obtain an SSL certificate — I went back and realized I had to add another A DNS record with ‘www.biancasbread.com’ as I only had one directed to ‘biancasbread.com’. Once I successfully…… Continue reading Week 7 – More Server Fun w/ Nginx

Week 6 – Nginx

I followed the “How To Install Nginx on Ubuntu” article on DigitalOcean– Next, I continued to follow the article through creating server blocks and a basic index.html page. However, so far I have gotten a “this site can’t be reached error”. In order to fix this issue, I need to actually connect my domain to…… Continue reading Week 6 – Nginx

Week 2 – Traceroute

I’m a bit late on posting this but got caught up at work and am now working on the Traceroute project- I started with tracing some of the websites I visit often: google.com cloud.digitalocean.com twitter.com mcmaster.com A some sites would fail and continue on with ‘***’ nordstrom.com biancagan.com (my website) united.com I was able to…… Continue reading Week 2 – Traceroute