Week 2 – Traceroute

I’m a bit late on posting this but got caught up at work and am now working on the Traceroute project- I started with tracing some of the websites I visit often: google.com cloud.digitalocean.com twitter.com mcmaster.com A some sites would fail and continue on with ‘***’ nordstrom.com biancagan.com (my website) united.com I was able to…… Continue reading Week 2 – Traceroute

Week 2 Skill Builder – Othermill

This week’s skill builder is to use the Othermill desktop CNC machine. Earlier this summer, I saw this really neat tiny portable watercolor set made of wood – link to the Etsy site. I drew up some layouts in Illustrator and exported them as two separate SVG files for the Bantam software. Going through all…… Continue reading Week 2 Skill Builder – Othermill