Thesis Part II, #3 – Feedback

I’ve recently found myself in a position where I’m not quite sure what to ask anymore, in terms of receiving feedback. But thankfully, some recent office hours have been the source of some great conversation and feedback. Recently I spoke with Akshita, and she really helped me get my head on straight last week. I’ve…… Continue reading Thesis Part II, #3 – Feedback

Thesis Part II, #1 – Feedback

Some of the major takeaways from the prototype demo were mainly about the interaction part of the piece — reaffirming the need to make it self explanatory in a way and easily discoverable, without the need to explain how-to in depth, and just allowing the audience to discover for themselves. Since the last thesis class,…… Continue reading Thesis Part II, #1 – Feedback

Thesis Part I, #7 – Feedback

Feedback from the final presentation– Suraj: I loved “this” slide showing why you want to do this with your interests the last time you showed it. I think it is very powerful in helping the audience understand what your intention is. Very clear todos. Olivia: The working prototype is a really solid step! Glad that…… Continue reading Thesis Part I, #7 – Feedback

Final Live Stream – Control ADM

For my final live stream, I decided to do an interactive stream through Instagram, where viewers can submit movements to control ADM the Abstract Drawing Machine. I pinned a comment that said — “Type a direction + a number (ex. 3R, 2U) — and I would manually press the arrow keys on my computer to…… Continue reading Final Live Stream – Control ADM

Thesis Part I, #5 – Paper / Presentation Draft

Presentation of my thesis paper draft.Here is the link to my thesis presentation draft.Here is the link to my paper draft / outline / mess of words. Harvey Moon – Drawing Machines