ITP2653 The Code of Music

Code of Music – Harmony

Ideas Idea 1 – I’d like to do another kind of text analysis, maybe going further using RiTa. I like the visualization from this site ‘Listen to Wikipedia‘ With the text analysis, I’d have different aspects control shapes to make the visualization dynamic with lots of changes and movement, like how the circles fade in… Continue reading Code of Music – Harmony

Code of Music – Timbre

Ideas I want to do something text based for this sketch, so my first idea was to have an input box where you can type a sentence or paste a paragraph and have that output sound. I’m unsure how I want the strings/characters to be broken down and what will trigger what kind of sound.… Continue reading Code of Music – Timbre

Code of Music – Melody

My idea is to create a musical version of the game Pong or Breakout. Where each block you clear out can be a different note whether it’s random, within a specified scale, or range. And maybe different colored blocks can change the speed. Interactive Melody Sketch Sketch

Code of Music – Rhythm

Rhythm I could not think of any ideas let alone good ideas so I’ll have to think more on this. The only thing I could think of was a simple slider system that could control the rhythmic patterns of each instrument within a measure. The sliders would have stepped values, for example the first position… Continue reading Code of Music – Rhythm

Code of Music – Week 2

So for this assignment, I was thinking of other way to make a fun interactive stem mixer like the Yume example we looked at in class. I was thinking back to my undergraduate program where in one of my classes we had stems of popular songs — usually vocals, guitar, drums, bass, etc. — and… Continue reading Code of Music – Week 2

Code of Music – Week 1

A/V Instrument with P5 So originally I wanted to do something inspired by an old project I did in undergrad. During my undergraduate program, we had a class and one week we took a trip to a recording studio and recorded a sing that we ended up titling “What’s In the Kitchen” (I think that… Continue reading Code of Music – Week 1