ITP2005 Visual Language

Visual Language Week 4 HW

Color Color palette generated from Coolors. Screen grab from P5 sketch. If you click on the canvas it will save a jpg of the current frame.

Visual Language Week 3 HW

Three Expressive Words Personal Monogram I honestly found this part of the assignment a little bit challenging. One of the main reason being that my high school’s initials are also BG (Bishop Gorman), I was struggling to pull myself away from that and all I could think about was that logo. I managed to come…

Visual Language Week 2 HW

This week’s assignment was to redesign a boarding pass– something that has really always had a messy design because of all the information that needs to be displayed.

Visual Language Week 1

Design Analysis I chose to analyze the poster for the film Coming Home in the Dark (2021). The poster itself, while being pretty simple in design, I think really captures and sets the mood for the film. Hierarchy of Elements The first thing I notice is the lone figure at the center, immediately followed by…