Hello, currently my titles include grad student, RF coordinator, audio / RF / intercom / network tech, audio editor, and sound designer.

For a list of events I have been involved with please visit this page.

I am a 2nd year grad student in NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. I am focusing mainly on electronics, fabrication, & a bit of programming.

On this page, you can find projects that I’ve worked on over the last two and a half semesters.

Latest ITP Blog Posts

Seeing Machines HW #4 – Communication

For this assignment we had to use a communication protocol between two programs (one had to be OpenFrameworks). I chose to use OSC to communicate between OpenFrameworks and Processing. In OF, I used object tracking and sent the object’s x and y coordinates to processing to control a circle. Eventually, my code in processing became… Continue reading Seeing Machines HW #4 – Communication


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