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HAH Final Project

Circuit Bending A Musical Toy TV Remote (I thought it was a toy phone) Once I cracked open the enclosure, I disconnected the the red and black wire from the battery compartment and reconnected it using a couple of alligator clips. I took a small wire and just started touching different points of the circuit… Continue reading HAH Final Project

HAH Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I plan to circuit bend a kids toy — something I can find at Target most likely, if not I have a G.I. Joe pack. I will post here once I purchase the item I’m going to circuit bend. Here is the victim.

ICM Week 12/13 – Final

Final Project For my final sketch, I want to create a Christmas advent calendar, where there are 25 doors, and behind each door is an album cover with a new song everyday. I started off by making a few squares so that I can test a mousePressed function that when clicked in the square the… Continue reading ICM Week 12/13 – Final

PComp Project 3

Idea Sketch & Inspiration I wanted to do something with a physical output for this project, and I really liked the video Yeseul showed us in class of the automat toolkit by Dada Machines. So my original idea was to do a physical drum machine, using a similar drum head from the video, maybe a… Continue reading PComp Project 3

ICM Week 11 Sound Sketch

P5 Sound Composition I just wanted to create some kind of ambient sound, and I thought of the Lo-fi playlists on Spotify that I like to listen to. Often times the tracks on these playlists incorporate something outside of instrumentation, like rain noise or other sound effects. I love it when the sound of rain… Continue reading ICM Week 11 Sound Sketch

Visual Language Week 4 HW

Color Color palette generated from Coolors. Screen grab from P5 sketch. If you click on the canvas it will save a jpg of the current frame.


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