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Sound Studio Final

For my project I decided to make simple analog synthesizer using an oscillator circuit using the reverse avalanche mode of a transistor — specifically the 2N3904 transistor. I found the circuit from Look Mum No Computer on YouTube as well as his website. The picture below is my redrawn schematic of the circuit, with the… Continue reading Sound Studio Final


Day 1 – In Class Labs / Experiments Lab 1 – Hello Vibe Motors (Blink) For these labs, myself, Jack, and McCoy all worked together. In this first part of lab 1, we uploaded the blink example to the Arduino so that vibrating motor would buzz on and off. Since this was an Arduino Nano,… Continue reading Haptics

Code of Music – Melody

My idea is to create a musical version of the game Pong or Breakout. Where each block you clear out can be a different note whether it’s random, within a specified scale, or range. And maybe different colored blocks can change the speed. Interactive Melody Sketch Sketch


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