Hello, currently my titles include grad student, RF coordinator, audio / RF / intercom / network tech, audio editor, and sound designer.

For a list of events I have been involved with please visit this page.

I am a 2nd year grad student in NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. I am focusing mainly on electronics, fabrication, & programming.

On this page, you can find projects that I’ve worked on over the last two and a half semesters.

Thesis Status, Updates, & Things

ADM is the name of my thesis project, and it stands for Abstract Drawing Machine.

It is a vertical XY plotter that uses a dual stepper motor controlled hanging pulley system to drag a drawing utensil across a surface.

I am working to build out an Arduino library, and ultimately want this to be an interactive installation.

www.who-is-adm.com –> this is hosted on my server from Understanding Networks, how exciting!

View presentation slides or read the research paper from Fall ’22 semester.

After showing ADM V1 at the ITP/IMA Winter Show 2022, I am now developing V2. This next version involves moving to a larger frame and getting off of the large clipboard it was previously on, redesigning the pen carriage, working on some more code and building out the ADM Arduino library, and working on the interactive element.

Here are a few recent drawings from testing different code. Visit the main ADM page for more details.

Latest ITP Blog Posts

WK 8 – Final Dashboard Thoughts

Looking back there are definitely a few things I would have done differently. First of all, the data being sent over — as of now I send over all the values of the built in accelerometer (heading, pitch, and roll) when the only value I am using is roll, where I see if it’s between…

WK 6 – More Dashboard Fun

Still trying to solidify the look of this dashboard and how I want it to display the data gathered over time — which is something else I need to explore –> storing the data and accessing that to display all activity from previous days rather than just the current day. Also thinking about doing a…

WK 5 – Midterm Progress

Planning on designing and possibly 3D printing a test model of the new version of the pen carriage for my thesis / drawing machine. Some aspects I will include: These are some scribbles as I try to figure out what form I want this to take… I’d like to create something similar to the pen…

WK 5 – Device Data Dashboard (cont’d)

Running into some issues just trying to upload the sketch now with shiftr credentials rather than mosquitto. First, thought I broke my nano as it stopped showing up as a visible port. After a quick google, I read to quickly press the reset button twice to get the bootloader running, that worked and I was…

WK 4 – Device Data Dashboard (cont’d)

I’ve started to make some visual updates to the dashboard taking into account some feedback from last class. I’m trying to incorporate more data visually and have made a calendar in the style of the Ring-A-Date calendar by designer Giorgio Della Beffa. Here is my Github repo. And you can visit the site here. Eventually,…

WK 4 – More Modeling + Sweep

For this exercise I worked off the reference photos for the Ikea watering can — I initially started by drawing circles to extrude upwards, but then changed my mind and drew a cross section of half of the watering can then revolved it to make it hollow inside. Then I added another sketch to the…

WK 3 – More Modeling

For this modeling exercise we worked off these reference images of an Ikea plant stand: At first I started off by drawing from the top view and revolving that into a circle pattern to make the three plates, then extruding from there. However, when I started to think about adding any details like fillets and…

WK 3 – Device Data Dashboard (cont’d)

I’ve started collecting the data from the onboard gyroscope/accelerometer on the Arduino Nano, so I’ve been trying to parse the three individual values. First I was trying to do it using fetch, but eventually after running in circles around that for the past couple of days, I decided to abandon it and went the MQTT…


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