Code of Music – Rhythm


I could not think of any ideas let alone good ideas so I’ll have to think more on this. The only thing I could think of was a simple slider system that could control the rhythmic patterns of each instrument within a measure. The sliders would have stepped values, for example the first position could mean the instrument – if it’s a kick drum – could hit on the 1st and 3rd beat of a 4/4 measure, or maybe the 2nd and 4th note, and so on. Making it easy for a person to create different rhythmic pieces.

Here is a really sad drawing:

P5 Sketch

I created four basic rhythms for each instrument – playing on beat 1, or beat 1 and 3, etc. I made a basic visualization that widens each corresponding arc whenever an instrument is played on a beat — this was an arc class I created in ICM last semester.

New version:

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