Week 2 Skill Builder – Othermill

This week’s skill builder is to use the Othermill desktop CNC machine. Earlier this summer, I saw this really neat tiny portable watercolor set made of wood – link to the Etsy site.

I drew up some layouts in Illustrator and exported them as two separate SVG files for the Bantam software.

Going through all the steps to use the CNC was quite the process. At the beginning it took me forever to even find the power switch at the back, oops. Then Ben helped find and import the correct tool for the material — which was 1/8″ FEM Birch. The part where I had to locate the Z-Axis was also tricky but eventually got it into the right position.

I imported the two SVG files and sized and moved them into the right position. I hid the layer for the cutout and just did the etching/engraving portion first, then the cutting. And of course made sure to put a decent amount of double sided tape onto my material.

I want to do a more final version with a nicer and slightly thicker piece of wood, and eventually add magnets for the two sides to close together, as well as snap together at the sides. Something else I need to find out is a material I can add into the pockets to seal it in a way so that the larger left side will act like a palette and the pockets on the right can be used to store watercolor without damaging the wood — mod podge???

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