Week 4 – Game Controller

For my game controller I decided to use the accelerometer as the controller. Last semester, in Code of Music I programmed a ‘musical’ version of the game pong, and later in the Haptics class I learned how to access the accelerometer/gyroscope and used to serial to talk to p5 and incorporated haptic feedback for the game.

Here is the Arduino code and the link to the P5 sketch

The next step now was to incorporate code I’ve used for my version of Pong into the Ball Drop Game for this class.

I was able to get connection to my Wifi at home, and was attempting to test connecting to my computer’s IP address to see the results in terminal (thanks Gracy) however, when I typed
‘nc -l 8080’ in Terminal nothing would happen. And in the Arduino serial monitor it would never connect but just keep saying ‘connecting’.

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