WK 6 – More Dashboard Fun

Still trying to solidify the look of this dashboard and how I want it to display the data gathered over time — which is something else I need to explore –> storing the data and accessing that to display all activity from previous days rather than just the current day.

Also thinking about doing a gradient color after data is collected each day, then the color fill will correspond to the gradient.

Updated webpage –> http://www.who-is-adm.com/clock

Been having trouble connecting to sandbox whilst on the floor 🙁

Laser cut some 1/4″ wood to make the box, and I used this pre-made file for a closed box with finger joints. I adjusted and added a few things — make a separate cut out for a door so I can access the inside after I glue it all shut (hopefully with magnets, I think I have a few left over), as well as three small holes for my status lights (wifi, MQTT connection, messages sent), as well as the etchings of “Thesis?” and “Thesis!”.

I am going to solder the prototype board tonight (oops for the lateness), the one thing I am missing is a port to plug in my usb cable to change WiFi credentials. I previously thought to maybe do a two-state button so one position can equal to one set of credentials and the other state to another. But for now, that’s what the little door is for.

I also have a 9V battery holder that has a built in on/off switch that I will use for this.

Testing lights before soldering to the protoboard.

Some notes on the dashboard itself– having trouble storing data (tried storing to an array, after looking through Priyanka’s blog (thanks Priyanka)), also tried logging to a json file, but as of now have not been able to get that functioning.

Visually, since I haven’t been able to store data to recall over a period of time, I tried to do something else, and instead had a gradient bar that changed from green to red signifying the level of working on vs. not working on thesis by changing the red and green values of the ring around the day every time according to each message received — but I couldn’t quite get the color to change properly over time.

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