Week 12: Final Proposal

For the final, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, but for now I think I want to redesign a compact RF spectrum analyzer. These are a few I’ve used and I own the center one, and I want to combine some aspects of each of them, while adding in my own features.

I like the small compact version of the analyzer on the right, the buttons of the other two, but the simplicity of the buttons of the middle one. I want to keep the kickstand / screen cover feature of the first one, as well as its stylus, however I’d like to incorporate a sharpie holder (which is something I often end up using as a stylus), I want to add a clickable rotary wheel rather than arrow buttons.

I still want it to have a similar look because I think it’s ideal, but I want to design it in a way that makes it a bit easier to hold with one hand.

Here’s a real basic sketch to work off of just so I’m not starting from a blank file and going straight into sketching/modeling in CAD.

I was having a bit of trouble creating the lid, and wasn’t able to loft at first–

But eventually I just deleted all the planes and started over and was able to get it lofted. It wasn’t exactly how I wanted it, but for now close enough.

I worked on a lot of little details — buttons, screen, rotary wheel, USB-A port, USB-C port, antenna connector and antenna, grip. Some aren’t exactly to scale and accuracy, but I wasn’t going to create the entire insides of this device. I also added some motion — rotary wheel spinning, and the antenna and lid on hinges.

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