Thesis Part I – Journal #1

Reflecting & Finding Threads

I wouldn’t say a new connection / thread was made (yet), but I do know that I would like to keep some kind of connection between the main areas (fabrication, PComp, sound, and art) I mentioned in my thesis project. Also, I am also very much interested in data → sound so I’d like to incorporate this somehow if possible. This semester I am also taking the class “Seeing Machines” and I’m hoping it can help make an interactive project for my thesis. In PComp during the Fall 2021 semester I made an interactive musical activity, where a user can play the spoons (spoons + glasses of water tuned to different notes in a musical scale) by pressing buttons corresponding to each note and also play/listen to pre-programmed tunes. This has been one of my favorite projects that I’ve created so far because I liked the interactivity of it and watching people’s reactions – plus I love PComp-y things. 

I’ve played with the idea of having an interactive (I’ve said that too many times) art generator / analyzer. I feel like sometimes when talking about and viewing art there’s often someone who makes a comment along the lines of “Oh I wish I could draw something like that…” or “I can barely draw a stick figure”. Not that this isn’t something everyone can practice and learn, but  many don’t have the time or just have more prominent interests. I think it’d be fun for someone to generate their own piece or art maybe not by having those skills in that moment, but by being in a space that senses their presence and translates that data into imagery (maybe then translating that into sound?). I also think it’s fun when people are able to take away something materialized/physical from an experience that they can keep. 

Duncan’s Dollarstore Ouroboros is one of my favorite projects from last semester, not only because I enjoyed the final piece but because I got to witness parts of his process during a class I shared with him – “Code of Music”. I love the presentation of this piece and that everything is very tied together and doesn’t need too much explaining in order to just watch and enjoy it. I hope my thesis project can have a similar quality in the sense that it looks and is presented as a very coherent piece and has an air of simplicity but also complexity – and also this project feels like the structure of it is an art piece in in itself along with the actual functions of it. I also enjoyed Elias’Abacusynth, the fabrication was neatly and simply done and I especially enjoy the interactiveness of it for the user as the movements needed to be used are fun and engaging. Which are traits I’d like my future project(s) to have.

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